• Registration & Welcome Coffee
  • Open Odoo Demos Centre
  • Introduction
  • Outline of Digital Transformation
  • Steve Mangion - Know your data, know your business.
  • Kenneth Spiteri - IoT in Business
  • Funding opportunities for Digital Transformation
  • Free CRM opportunity and an Overview of the upcoming programme
  • Session 1: Accounting,  Automated Payments, Collection & Projects
  • Session 2:  HR & Payroll
  • Coffee Break
  • Session 3: Retail, POS & Inventory
  • Session 4: Manufacturing & Inventory
  • Speed Networking
  • Open Odoo Demos Centre
  • Lunch Break & Networking
  • Session 5: Sales & Marketing, e-Commerce & Web & Online Traffic Generation
  • Session 6: BI, ETL, IOT, Integrations,Dashboards & Reporting
  • Conclusion
    Draw a winner for the 1000EUR worth of Digital
    Transformation consulting.

Overview of Sessions – FLOW 22: The Digital Transformation Event.

Session 1

Accounting, Automated Payments Collection & Projects

Accounting and finance are the backbone of any business concern. The session will focus on the ins and outs of the full financial cycle involved in running a business. Special focus on automated payments collection will help business leaders understand how cash flow can be managed more efficiently. Organising specific projects and plugging them onto the
accounting core of a digital solution, will also be touched upon.

Session 2

HR & Payroll

A company is as good as its people. As cliché as it might sound, this is the truth when it comes to the human capital of an organisation. Digitalising the different dimensions of human resources management helps cut costs, improve processes and aid in upping the efficiency of the HR function, be it centralised or decentralised in the company. The interfacing to payroll systems will also be discussed during this session.

Session 3

Retail, POS & Inventory

The objective of this session is to understand the various digital touchpoints in a retail business, from the inventory management to the point of sale/s in outlets, the integration to online sales platforms (e-shops) and the automated flows that come along. Workflows, business rules digitalisation, real time reporting and retail-specific logic such as promotions,
will be covered.

Session 4

Manufacturing & Inventory

Manufacturing is heavily dependent on processes, time and motion, shopfloor control and inventory at three levels, namely: raw materials, work in progress and finalised products. The session is aimed at professionals that need to automate processes, refine processes, implement methodologies such as lean using technology and re-engineer processes leveraging the power of digital technologies.

Session 5

Sales & Marketing, e-Commerce & Web & Online Traffic Generation

With the shift of sales onto the world wide web, having a strong online presence fully integrated with a robust back-office function is not an option any longer. The COVID-19 pandemic further expeditated this shift. This session will delve into the importance of ecommerce, the tactics that are required to drive qualitative online traffic and the digital techniques to enhance sales and marketing efforts that generate the lifeblood of organisations – sales and profits.

Session 6

BI, ETL, IOT, Integrations Dashboards & Reporting

Data is the most invaluable asset of any organisation in this day and age. Capturing data is the first step, but in addition, data needs to be presented, queried, and utilised to aid business leaders in their decision making. This session will explain how business intelligence can be extracted from data in both a regular manner and in an ad hoc fashion. Data coming from multiple sources can be extracted transformed and loaded into engaging dashboards that can
also automate workflows through triggers.